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Don't wait until it is too late, order your freedom from hangovers today.


The original formula you loved to keep hangovers away is back. Chaser® Capsules are easy to use, don't effect the taste of your food or drink, and make it so you never have to regret going out.


Chaser® Capsules act like a filter to absorb the byproducts of your favorite drinks and food that can cause that morning-after feeling.


Make sure you keep Chaser® Capsules on hand so you can beat a hangover before it has a chance to slow you down. Order yours today so you have it when you are ready to enjoy yourself.


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What Our Fans Are Saying

How bout this, IT WORKS! There is nothing worse than the morning drag after a night with a few drinks. Im not a big drinker, but I do get hangovers from just a couple glasses. Not any more”
— Facebook User
No problems for me the morning after New Year’s Eve and my birthday celebration! The older I get the less it takes to make the next day... difficult.... but Chaser definitely helped!
— Facebook User
Along with plenty of water, Chaser helped me get back in the game after a night of too-much-fun. Responsibly consumed Bullet Rye was the culprit.
— Google User