One ingredient in Chaser® Capsules is Activated Charcoal.

Chaser® Capsules are easy to take, they don't effect the taste of your food or drink, and they effectively chase your hangover away. Chaser® Capsules act like a filter to absorb the byproducts of your favorite drinks that can cause that morning-after feeling. Instead, the ingredients of Chaser® Capsules absorb these byproducts in your stomach and digestive tract and pass them out of your system.

One of the ingredients in Chaser® Capsules is activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal has been used throughout history as an antidote to absorb organic toxins and other potential things that can harm the body when ingested. It works by trapping toxins in tiny pores through a chemical reaction of absorption.

Activated charcoal is prepared in a specific way to optimize its effects; it is not the same as charcoal you find around the house. Please keep in mind that charcoal typically found around the house may have toxins in them and may not have the same effect as activated charcoal.


Activated charcoal has a number of potential health and beauty benefits, one of which is to help relieve the feelings of a hangover after overindulging in food or drink. It only absorbs the toxins and byproducts when drinking, not the alcohol itself, so it won’t change the taste of your drinks or how you feel while you drink; just how you might feel the day after.  It may also help alleviate bloating and gas, so if you get a “food hangover” after some meals, activate charcoal might also help you.

One of the issues with activated charcoal is how messy it can be. It can be light and fluffy and its dark color can easily get things dirty.  But we fix this issue by providing the product in an encapsulated form to make it easy and clean to take.

Always remember to drink plenty of water when you take activated charcoal as it may cause you to become dehydrated, which can be exacerbated by what you are eating or drinking.  The water may also help flush out the toxins being absorbed by the activated charcoal.

As with any dietary supplement you introduce into your diet, always consult a physician regarding your health, use and any other medication, but if you are ready to give activated charcoal a chance to work for you, CLICK HERE to buy Chaser® Capsules.