Brown Derby Cocktail


Named for a diner.

The classic bourbon Brown Derby cocktail is named for a hat-shaped Los Angeles diner. The cocktail is both sweet and sour with a generous dose of grapefruit juice and a hint of honey syrup. Try this recipe now to find out what the brown derby is all about.

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  • 1.5 ounces Bourbon

  • 1 ounce  Grapefruit Juice

  • .5 ounces  Honey Mix


  • Load shaker with ice.

  • Pour all ingredients into the shaker.

  • Shake 20-30 seconds or until cold.

  • Strain into cocktail glass.

  • Garnish with grapefruit wedge.

Honey Mix

  • 1 cup honey

  • 1 cup water

  1. Combine ingredients in small sauce pan.

  2. Heat over medium heat, stirring continuously until honey and water combine.

  3. Cool and refrigerate until needed.